Internal medicine is the branch of healthcare that focuses on keeping adults healthy. 内科医生内科医生, 叫内科医生, 致力于成年人的健康和幸福吗. In many ways, you can think of an internist as your primary doctor.

For most people, your internist will be your primary healthcare provider. 

内科vs内科. 家庭医生

Many patients wonder whether an internist is the same thing as a family doctor or general practitioner. 从患者的实际角度出发, 这两个领域如此相似,简直就像一个领域. 但也有一些细微的区别:

  • 对成人护理的关注: 内科医生只关注成年病人. A family doctor will be able to treat teens, toddlers, and everything in between. 
  • 实验室工作: Internists are specially trained to incorporate lab work into their medical practice. This means your internist will be able to quickly run tests (such as blood work) and use the results to help guide your care.


Internal medicine is a healthcare specialty that offers comprehensive care for adults. Everything you might think of as something you’d see a “family doctor” for is something you’d also see your internist for. 

In general, you can see your internist for the following reasons:

  • 成人日常护理 
  • 定期检查或年度检查 
  • 预防性筛查和疫苗接种
  • 诊断慢性病 
  • 管理多种慢性疾病
  • 胆固醇筛查和治疗
  • 男性健康检查和护理
  • 妇女健康检查和护理


因为内科医生专门从事成人护理, you will usually not start seeing an internal medicine specialist until you are at least 18. If you’re over that age, you can begin seeing an internist at any point.

You should typically see an internist as often as you would see any other primary care provider. For many patients, this might mean scheduling a wellness exam once a year. 对其他人来说,更频繁的预约可能是必要的. How often you see your internist will likely depend on a variety of factors, 包括你的整体健康, 你的病史, 还有你的年龄.

In general, the following guidelines can be used as a rule of thumb:

  • 如果您没有直接的健康问题: You should be able to see your internist once a year for an annual physical. (在某些情况下, 你可能只需要每三年做一次身体检查, especially if you’re under the age of 50–but always follow your doctor’s recommendations.) If you have health concerns or conditions that require more regular monitoring, 内科医生可能会建议你更频繁地去看医生.
  • 如果你有健康问题: You can schedule an appointment with your internist right away. 例如, 如果你嗓子疼了好几天, 你可能需要预约一次链球菌测试. An internist is able to see patients for acute and 例程 illness as well as for long term concerns.

如果你不确定多久去看一次内科医生, talk to your primary care provider and see what they recommend.


For most patients, your internist will become your primary care provider. When people think of a “family doctor” or “their doctor,” this is what they mean. A primary care physician is a doctor that takes care of your basic, 例程, 以及非专业医疗需求. When you need more specific care, your primary care doctor can refer you to the specialists you need. 结果是, your primary care doctor is also the physician you’re most likely to have a comprehensive and long term healthcare relationship with. 

The better your primary care doctor knows you and 你的病史, 你收到提示的可能性就越大, 在你需要的时候进行有效的治疗.

There are significant and long term benefits to having a primary care physician and to seeing that primary care physician on a regular basis. 这些好处包括:

  • 及早发现问题: Early symptoms of serious illnesses or conditions can often be subtle. 因为你会定期去看内科医生, they will have a better idea of what your baseline health status looks like. This makes it easier to detect any deviations from that baseline. 通常,早期发现意味着更有效的治疗选择.
  • 更好地管理慢性疾病: 无论是哮喘, 高血压, 或纤维肌痛, chronic conditions can often be difficult to manage without medical intervention. Your primary care physician can help you monitor and treat many such conditions, leading to more effective management of your symptoms in the long run.
  • 增进健康: Your internist can provide you with information about healthy lifestyle choices. If you want to eat a better diet or start exercising, your internist can show you how to do that. These healthy lifestyle choices can have a significant impact on your long-term health and wellness.
  • 预防医学: The best way to treat an illness or condition is to avoid getting it in the first place! 你的内科医生可以帮助你练习这种预防方法. 例如, your internist can provide you with flu vaccines or Covid-19 boosters.
  • 心理健康检查: Your internist will also be able to help you with mental health and wellness screenings. This can help detect issues such as depression, anxiety, or ADHD. Identifying these issues can provide you with access to treatment options such as medication.

Your internist will also be able to provide you with referrals for continued or specialized care. 例如, 如果你经常醒来感觉很累, your internist can refer you to a sleep study specialist to detect sleep apnea. 今天和你的内科医生谈谈!


There is much your internist can do to help prevent you from becoming ill in the first place. 其中一些预防性保健包括以下内容:

  • 接种疫苗和免疫: Vaccines are one of the most powerful and potent medical therapies ever invented–because they can prevent you from getting sick. While we mostly think of vaccinations as an event from childhood, 现实情况是,成年人需要接种疫苗, including for influenza (the so-called Flu Shot) and COVID-19.
  • 饮食和生活方式: 就像你的健康访问一样, preventative care will sometimes touch on ways to manage your diet and lifestyle to optimize your health. This could include changing your diet to help manage cardiovascular disease or diabetes, for example.



  • 感冒和流感
  • 糖尿病
  • 心脏病
  • 高血压
  • 甲状腺疾病
  • 肠胃问题
  • 血管疾病
  • 和更多的


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