Internal medicine is the branch of 健康care that focuses on keeping adults 健康y. A physician of internal medicine, 叫内科医生, is dedicated to the 健康 and wellbeing of adults. In many ways, you can think of an internist as your primary doctor.

作为病人, you’re likely to see an internist for yearly checkups, 接种疫苗, or when you’re feeling ill and have acute symptoms. 经常, internal medicine providers will be able to solve 健康 challenges immediately; in other cases, an internist may refer you to a specialist.

For most people, your internist will be your primary 健康care provider. 

内科vs内科. 家庭医生

Many patients wonder whether an internist is the same thing as a family doctor or general practitioner. From the practical perspective of patients, these two fields are so similar that they may as well be one. But there are some subtle differences:

  • 对成人护理的关注: An internist will focus only on adult patients. A family doctor will be able to treat teens, toddlers, and everything in between. 
  • 实验室工作: Internists are specially trained to incorporate lab work into their medical practice. This means your internist will be able to quickly run tests (such as blood work) and use the results to help guide your care.

What Does 内科医学 Cover?

Internal medicine is a 健康care specialty that offers 成人综合护理. Everything you might think of as something you’d see a “family doctor” for is something you’d also see your internist for. 

In general, you can see your internist for the following reasons:

  • 成人日常护理 
  • 定期检查或年度检查 
  • Preventative screenings and 接种疫苗
  • 诊断慢性病 
  • Manage multiple chronic conditions
  • Cholesterol screening and treatment
  • Men’s 健康 screenings and care
  • Women’s 健康 screenings and care


Every person is going to have individualized and unique day-to-day 健康care concerns. Your internist will help you achieve better everyday wellness with the following approaches:

  • 每年访问: During your yearly wellness visit, you’ll be able to discuss habits, 健康, 和医生一起节食. This can help you embrace a 健康ier lifestyle and improve your long-term outcomes.
  • 实验室测试: At the same time, annual lab tests can help inform these discussions. Your internist will test for things as varied as cholesterol to vitamin D levels. These labs may indicate early problems that could benefit from management or give you peace of mind that everything’s looking good.
  • 管理条件: If you have pre-existing 健康 conditions, your internist will help you manage those as well. This could include anything from asthma and diabetes to high blood pressure and thyroid disease. Ensuring you manage these conditions can help you improve your overall wellness.


There is much your internist can do to help prevent you from becoming ill in the first place. Some of that preventive care will include the following:

  • Vaccinations and immunizations: Vaccines are one of the most powerful and potent medical therapies ever invented–because they can prevent you from getting sick. While we mostly think of 接种疫苗 as an event from childhood, the reality is that you need vaccines as an adult, including for 流感 (the so-called Flu Shot) and COVID-19.
  • 饮食和生活方式: 就像你的健康访问一样, preventative care will sometimes touch on ways to manage your diet and lifestyle to optimize your 健康. This could include changing your diet to help manage cardiovascular disease or diabetes, for example.


Your internist will also be able to provide acute care for non-emergency illnesses. This could include diagnosing an illness and prescribing the appropriate medications or therapies, 在必要的地方. 例如, if you develop a case of strep throat, 流感, 或者轻度细菌性肺炎, your internist would be able to prescribe medication to help you feel better faster. 

What Does an Internist Treat – At a Glance

You can see your internist for the following conditions:

  • 感冒和流感
  • 糖尿病
  • 心脏病
  • 高血压
  • 甲状腺疾病
  • 肠胃问题
  • 血管疾病
  • 和更多的

Start Seeing Your Doctor Today

For most people, your internist will quickly become “your doctor.在YMC, our internists make it a point to listen to our patients; we’re here to help you feel and live 健康ier. As your primary 健康care provider, YMC internists can help you get the screenings you need, treat the symptoms that may crop up when you’re ill, and keep your wellness on track.

Contact YMC today to schedule an appointment with an internist today.

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